My daughter…

I have realized recently that mother and daughter relationships are beyond complicated at times, what seems to be straight forward is not always exactly the way it appears to be… Mabel is definitely blossoming into a beautiful and vivacious girl, she is developing her relationships with friends and seems to navigate the minefield of today’s social networking easily… She is just like her mother with her strong mind towards what she likes and doesn’t like, yet, at times she lacks confidence in her own strengths! I love spending time with this gorgeous talkative girl, and boy can she talk, I feel in the last couple of years that our closeness has changed, although she would say I have no style and not listen to me in the past, now she seeks my opinions constantly and although she wouldn’t admit it she actually does listen to me, silently I smile inward at the thought that through my patience we have developed a strong bond, she may not realize this but we understand each other on so many levels that all I can do sometimes is laugh and hope that this will continue…



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