Anniversary mumblings…

Twenty seven is a long time to be with the same person, but I firmly believe, and I hate to say it that change is how we keep our relationships strong… So today I am being rather indulgent and writing this blog more as a diary for myself, examining the changes I personally have gone through over the 27 years since I uttered those tiny words ‘I do!’

My inner self has grown and developed in many different ways that I honestly could not have believed to be true at the tender young age of 18, back then I was headstrong, vivacious but also shy and lacking confidence! Although today I have elements of that headstrong person, I will certainly argue my point, but honestly I do not care enough to crusade, not anymore, life really is too short and in all honesty everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so maybe by arguing my point I may have swayed them a little bit, but in the end I firmly believe in the saying ‘Live and let live!’ Now the younger me would not have agreed with that motto in life, I was always right and that was that!

People we meet along the way definitely change who we are, some people influence us much more than others, but some people can change our very being, improve our confidence and for those people I have been lucky enough to meet along the way I am truly thankful… Friendships have given me strength, confidence and long lasting support throughout my life so far.

I look back at the young me and wonder sometimes how I am so very different now, I never imagined I would have 7 children, back then I would have cared about what people thought, what they would have been saying, but now I really just think about us and the family we have become, believe me we have many, many faults, but along side those faults are support, understanding, caring and most of all an enormous amount of love… It really doesn’t matter whether you have 2,3 or 7 children your love for them equals no other and I have been lucky enough to have this with each and every one of my children and my husband too!

6 years ago I travelled 3500 miles to start a new life in a new country, this baffles me at times, the young me would never have dreamed this to be possible, not only the logistics of this whole move with 6 children, but the inner confidence to leave my home, my family the life I knew, and then have the confidence to learn new things, find my way and meet new people… All of these things I have achieved, Of course it would never have been possible without the support of a loving husband, we even decided it was time to add a new foreign (ha, ha) addition to our already large family and although at times this whole experience has been a lot of fun, there have been hard times that have come with our decision to be here too, but again the older wiser me knows these things help to shape who we are in our lives!

Family is one of the most important things in my life, I marvel each day at the love and support I have within my own family and beyond… I consider myself a very rich and lucky person to have so much love within my life!

To sum up this totally indulgent blog… I just want to say, although I by no means think I am perfect, in fact I am deeply critical of myself, the things I disliked about myself I have worked upon to try to change… I now try to learn new things and do not think I just cannot do that, I am working on finishing projects before starting others, I think deeply about buying things before just rushing ahead, I no longer blame others for my mistakes, I take full responsibility… I see myself as a work in progress, I would like to be more organized and tidy, healthier and craftier, but I realize now, you only get one life and you have to make the most of each and every minute, so why argue and sulk about things that tomorrow will mean nothing, just smile and move on… Because the one thing in this life I am truly sure about is… Blink and your children are grown up and we are getting steadily older, so life needs to be savored … And the best way to do that is to sit back pour yourself a large glass of wine and relax… Let life happen and enjoy it!




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