It’s hard to believe that today is my baby girls second, yes I did say second Birthday… Wow that time has flown by so fast! So in honor of my gorgeous toddler’s Birthday I dedicate this blog to her today…

Florence is a funny, headstrong toddler, if she wants to do something and cannot she begins a little paddy but then will back down and be distracted, she loves to be just like her older siblings, so no baby plates or cups for her most of the time, oh no it’s the glass and china she prefers if she can get away with it! She gets excited when we pull into the Starbucks parking lot, poor child she has a Mommy with an addiction problem, she points and says fries when we drive past McDonalds and cheers when we get to Toys R Us! She is hysterical in any shop that has a toy department, ‘toys, toys’ she cries as she waddles down each aisle taking all her favorite things as she goes and placing them under the shopping cart!

She has names for all of her older siblings, Dom of course is Dom, Lewis has been her biggest challenge and at the moment is Chi-at, who knows why, Jord is unfortunately for him Jew, so funny as she shouted loudly at his place of work one day ‘Jew’ when she saw him, Farrel is Warrel, Blu is still Wab, who knows why she came up with that name as she can easily say Blu and Mabel is Abble. She has each and everyone of them eating out of her hand… Dom is her bedtime buddy, just like the Imagination Movers he has to get on the floor with cushions and blankets and do the bedtime routine, Farrel had to jump in the pink Cadillac in toys r us the other day, so funny 6 ft Warrel sitting in the electric pink car, each of them have to push her babies around in her toy pink stroller and Blu is her ball kicking playmate!

Isn’t it funny how she seems to realize that Mabel is her only sister, she loves to go into Mabel’s room and climb into her bed with her, and of course she is always on Mabel and Mommy’s shopping trips, her favorite thing when we hit the mall is to share Auntie Anne’s pretzels with her big sister as we go around all the shops!

She still loves to nurse, now I know the controversy over older children nursing but I love to cuddle her and she loves to snuggle, life is too short to judge others and our children grow up so fast… So this forty something mother is enjoying every minute of this little girls life, when she wants to stop, she will stop but for now she is still my little baby and I love it!

If it is at all possible, my love for this beautiful funny, little girl grows more and more each and every day, she has bought so much joy and laughter to each and every one of us it is hard to explain exactly how much love we all have for her. Any doubts I may of had about being a new mother again in my forties are completely gone, in fact if I could I would do it all again… I just love every single moment I spend with my gorgeous little Flower… Florrie you are one very loved little girl!



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