The beach…

I love the beach, I love the ocean, I love the waves, I love the whole vibe of the place… I could quite happily live in a small beach house somewhere, that would make me very happy, but what I don’t like about the beach is the traffic, it took us 3, yes THREE hours to get home on Sunday, not only was I tired by the time I walked through my door but I was extremely grumpy, even our Starbucks break had not revived my mood!

Next time we go though I am definitely taking food, everywhere was so busy… picnic on the beach is the way to go, and I am leaving very early in the morning, you cannot beat being on the beach at 7.30 am… Quiet, serene and best of all you leave early, just as everyone is arriving meaning the roads are not at a standstill with everyone heading home at the same time… Now that’s the way to do the beach in the summer time!

Now the big question about going to the beach is ‘do I take my camera?’, now of course there is the huge risk of sand getting into it, but then if you don’t take it, all the photo opportunities you miss… For me I always have to take my camera, not my new one though, but my older canon, it still takes great photos but it was not as expensive as my new one! This last weeks trip to the beach meant my camera and iPhone both took a beating… I just click and click away, you just never know one of those shots just may be the perfect picture, and for me this was definitely the case in more ways than one this trip!

Not quite a beach cocktail recipe…
Take 4 mason jars and fill each one halfway with boiling water and an organic cranberry tea bag… Steep for as long as you would like, then allow to cool, add some berries, whatever you would like I used whole blueberries and halved strawberries, now this is where I cheated a little bit, I filled the jars to the top with shop bought pink lemonade, add a sprig of mint leaves, put on the lid, shake and refrigerate overnight… Add to your cool box and don’t forget the straws… Enjoy whilst you are sitting in the sand, watching those waves come in! (Of course vodka would be a great addition to this refreshing beach drink… Next time if I am not driving!)


Happy Summer Recess… Remember always take your camera, you never know when you will have the perfect summer moment… Relax and Enjoy!



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