Sunday relaxation time…

Making home made baked beans and spicy Mexican steak and burgers in buns for dinner tonight… The weather is good, so we will be eating on the deck and it will be all followed by a summery peach crisp courtesy of the Pioneer Woman… That is our first Sunday of Summer Recess! We are just chilling out today watching movies and maybe drinking a pitcher of sangria later on this afternoon… It’s been a wild crazy few months so today is relaxation time at its best!

It seems that this weekend may just be all about food we eat… I have spent this morning watching the food network channel, yesterday I recreated the Barefoot Contessa’s creations for dinner… summery tomato basil pasta and a chocolate orange chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries and slices of sweet mango all complimented by my fresh blueberry mojito’s!

I may even make some sweet and salty chocolate popcorn for our Sunday afternoon movie… Who knows, but whatever you are doing… Eat, drink and be merry, summer months are here… ENJOY!


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