Once upon a back to school time…

Well the day before back to school in our house is normally, calm, organized and productive… Not this year though! Unfortunately we were out all day yesterday, from doctors appointments to soccer games and then first evening fall practices, our whole day yesterday was busy, busy, busy, with very non back to school preparations… So as you can imagine this led to meltdowns later in the evening!

Blu spent his day playing Xbox, then traveling to Randolph for his first ever High school soccer game then home again for a little more Xbox time of course, before finally realizing he needed to get organized for his first day at High School, of course this did not worry my chilled out teenager, he took it all in his stride, on the other hand Mabel was a hot house mess, stressed to the limit, of course it was all my fault and she hated me, a term she likes to use almost every day when things are not right, so I had to walk away, there was nothing I could do to calm her, with a floor full of school supplies scattered everywhere, she said she could not get organized as we had not managed to get her binders… Really what are you going to do with 6 empty binders on the first day back anyway? Her nails were chipped, so of course that was my fault too, it didn’t matter we had spent a very painful whole day choosing shoes this week and she had, had all week to have sorted all of this out… She was stressed to the limit and of course who else’s fault could it be, but yours truly! I left her to her meltdown, climbed into bed, but could not get to sleep, back to school nerves I think!

This morning was much calmer, my alarm went off at 6.15am, but of course I had woken at 4.30am and could not get back to sleep… Blu got up and got ready like a zombie, his bag, which really was a bargain for $25 at Marshall’s two years ago and is still going strong after a quick wash is like new again ( he was happy to use it again, so why spend money on a bag he did not need) was packed and ready to go, he was out the house and waiting for the bus by the time Mabel got up, of course she had her hair to straighten, her shoes to chose, but luckily her outfit had been planned weeks ago! Now on the subject of shoes, we spent a very, very painful whole day choosing shoes for Mabel on Wednesday, she loves to buy clothes but shoes are more difficult for her, unlike her mother and baby sister she is not a shoe-aholic! She had three brands of shoes she wanted to look at, Converses, Toms and Sperry’s, that was all she would even glance at, now I have to explain at this point that Mabel wears her shoes day in and day out, her closet contains one pair of gray converses, bought for back to school last year and worn throughout the year everyday almost, one pair of $10 fashion flats, one pair of $12 Tom’s lookalike flats from Target, 2 very worn pairs of flip flops and her beloved Ugg boots, so when I buy Mabel shoes this is usually her one and only pair of shoes she wears to school through out the year, so to spend a little bit more on her shoes is money well spent as she gets really good wear out of them, plus they need to be comfortable! Some would say that spending $50 to $100 on shoes for a 12 year old is extravagant, but in this case I feel it is justified! Has anyone actually picked up a pair of Toms, I love the design, but wow, for $50, I was expecting something much more substantial, and again the converses were better made but still a lot of money for canvas and rubber shoes ( we normally manage to buy them in Marshall’s much cheaper, but not this year), so although the sperry’s were more expensive, they are good comfortable well made shoes, I was impressed… They looked nice and were real leather, a plus in my book… So taking into account the fact that Mabel would get a lot of wear out of them… And after hours of looking, these are the shoes we finally chose, but then she told me she would be wearing her fashion flats with her first day outfit… Really Mabel!

Well this back to school story does not quite end there… With Mabel’s hair straightened, her well thought through outfit on and her trusty old $10 flats on her feet, she tells me her shoes are way too tight, so she swaps to her $12 Target lookalike Toms and again they are much too tight, her well worn converses from last year are much too small too… Thankfully, she has a SUPER MOM, who organized her new shoes this week, she had gorgeous well fitting shoes to go with her new clothes for her first day back at school…

The moral of this story, Moms always know best, no matter how much their almost teenage daughters shout at them!





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