Getting ready to hibernate…

The weather is very gray today, not cold, but colder than it has been… The leaves are red, yellow and brown and covering the ground, it makes me feel like getting ready to hibernate for the winter! I have a list of projects as long as my arm for this winter, house things to do, business things to complete, Florrie knits to complete her closet and baby makes to get ready for… So winter for me will be hibernation for a few months ready for a busy hopefully brand new spring!

First on my list is a much needed clean and organization of my kitchen, I started this yesterday with a quick trip to the dollar store for containers to organize my ever flowing messy cupboards, I am cleaning and organizing by section in my kitchen so yesterday I completed my plastic container and baking cupboard… The dollar store is great for cheap organization, my aim is to have my cupboards stocked and organized in containers, then I will have to educate my children where everything goes… A huge task in it’s self!


The next house project, which I also started yesterday is yet another mini re-organization of rooms, having so many people in one house means that we are quite often arguing over the television, when I switched the rooms around I thought, silly me, that having one main tv room would be fine as we have televisions in bedrooms… Of course not watching something in your room is not something children want to do, they all want to argue over the one television… Me personally, I am fed up of The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and the big one, American Football, not forgetting English Football too… Hence we are creating our second tv room again… Just a small re-organization though, means that I have a good excuse to re create and design some new areas… Sofa cushions, table settings and maybe the odd piece of furniture change… I visited one of my favorite stores yesterday a thrift store in Dover, Habitat for Humanity, today I am going to our local wonderful consignment store and Jo Anne’s fabric store… Yay, just a browse around, but who knows what treasures you can find… Or even some inspiration!





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