Naturally delicious…

Is it just me or has this world become just a little bit crazier than when we were children? It’s getting back to our roots that is important… Do we really need all the convenience of modern living… I think not in many cases!

Don’t get me wrong there are many modern conveniences I could not live without… the internet, what would we do without that these days, my trusty Kitchen-aid mixer, a must have in my kitchen and air conditioning, on those hot, hot humid days when you need to just cool off, but the convenience of pre packed food is fast becoming a nightmare, why oh why do companies feel it is perfectly ok to fill our food with chemicals and dyes! What happened to good old fashioned healthy food products? Farmed salmon is full of horrible dyes and chemicals, simple products like a loaf of bread has potential cancer producing chemicals added, canola oil is advertised as a healthy oil… Well guess what? it really is not, I try to avoid this oil at all costs, I always like to use an oil that is actually derived from a plant not something that is man made… It’s all a horrible maze that has become very scarey!


In our house I have stepped up home baking, Bread making, muffins, cookies and my ultimate favorite, Brownies all get baked and disappear as fast as they come out of the oven.
My favorite recipes…
chocolate chip muffins
This is my go to muffin recipe, I adjust it to the muffins I want to make, strawberry, apple, coconut… The options are endless!
This is my ultimate brownie recipe… To this I add whatever I feel like I fancy, a caramel swirl topping, chunks of chocolate and crispy salt… Or just as they come… Delicious!
the Pioneer Woman’s brown sugar oatmeal cookies
I recently found this recipe… Now my favorite cookie recipe ever!
Ina Garten’s shortbread cookies
With or without the chocolate these cookies are oh so good, they don’t usually make it into the tin in our house!


I want to thank another Mom of a large family of 7 children for my new found love of easy bread baking, I do not personally know her but I follow her on Instagram and she has her own blog that I have been using for my bread recipes… A Farmhouse full … She has made me realize how easy bread making really is, especially with my Kitchen Aid mixer! Her pizza dough recipe is not only easy but delicious too!


With Fall just around the corner, the long summer days are now numbered, I really need to get back to menu planning too, these days I seem to buy less and less pre-packaged foods and when I do just for convenience I try to buy the more natural options when I can! Yesterday I planned my menu for the week and shopped too, so here is what we are having for dinner this week, bare in mind I have two Birthdays next week, so Mabel has asked for a Pioneer Woman’s Pasta bar and Blu can’t decide between steak or ribs on the grill…

Flatbread sandwiches … This turned into chicken curry, rice and naan bread
Homemade pizzas
Pasta bar and grilled lemon chicken
Ribs… Garlic bread sticks and wedges (or steak)
Polenta brats and salad
Cous cous chicken salad
Left overs



Whatever you are cooking this week… Have fun!

Tate's milestones

5 month old cutie…

I can hardly believe my little Tate, Tate is 5 months old today… Where to begin… He is the happiest smiley boy, his face lights up with each cheeky smile that comes across his face!

He is constantly rolling everywhere, he wriggles his way backwards whenever he is on his tummy, which he loves to do! His favorite thing to do though is stand on his cute chunky little legs, he looks so proud of himself as he stands there wobbling away with the aid of his Mommy or Daddy of course!

Tate is definitely learning that being the littlest in this large family means you have to shout the loudest to be heard, he loves to talk and recently he has become much louder and he often likes to shout, it’s so funny!

So far, fingers and toes crossed, this little man is a good sleeper, he has started to settle in the evenings a little bit earlier, so he is usually in his crib around 10pm, I like to top his milk up a little before I get into bed… Last night he slept through until 7am! He usually has two naps a day, and he prefers to be at home to nap in his own bed!

At 5 months old, Tate is still solely breastfed, no weaning yet as the recommendation is 6 months plus! His dairy allergy is still very prominent so I have to be extra careful with everything I eat and drink, he reminds me constantly of Lewis as he is a very sicky baby, constantly bringing back milk!

Tate is my first thumb sucker… He loves to suck his thumb to sleep, it’s so funny to watch him put his three fingers in his mouth and route around until he finds his thumb…