January… Love it or hate it?

I love January 2nd… I Hate January the month, but love this day… Now I don’t want to be a bah humbug type person, but I love that January 2nd, no matter what day of the week it falls on brings back the world to it’s normal place, all the crowds of busy shoppers are gone, the stress the holiday season brings disappears and the world for just one day seems right again!

My thoughts in January focus on two things, hibernation, as I hate the winter months and trying to organize myself for yet another new year that lies ahead! I also try to focus on healthy eating and this year I need to cut out calories and try to lose some of the pregnancy weight gain, so my plan is to take recipes and adjust to healthier low fat ingredients!

Today is the first Sunday of 2015, we are staying in the house today, catching up on some chores and eating… But in alignment with my New Years resolution, I’m cutting the calories in our Sunday dinner… Potato and green bean casserole, steak, for those that love it and slimmed down carrot cake I’m converting it into pumpkin cake as I don’t have any carrots, it’s fine though I love pumpkin anything!


In true January style my head is full of cold, sore throat, stuffy nose… My Mum always says we need the cold weather to kill off all the germs, but for me I just feel to cold weather breeds more germs, we are stuffed up in houses with heat blowing around making us dry, we go from warm houses to freezing cold temperatures all day, then our lack of sunshine leads to depression! January begins a countdown of weeks until we can crack out our sandals and sun lotion!

Happy New Year!


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