For the love of crochet…

If I say I’ve been off my game recently, it would be an understatement… Cooking has become a chore and not the enjoyable pleasure it once was, my kitchen is falling apart, we have had problems with mice, which I absolutely hate, and don’t cope well with, and Tate just needs his Mom, so it’s hard to get things done. I’ve struggled with crafting too, well that was until I started my crochet along blanket new inspiration and pleasure flooded through me… I enjoyed my first few rows so much I’ve started a second granny stripe blanket too!


I am not an expert at crochet, but it is one of the things in life I am glad I have taken time to learn, it’s addictive and I love it! To start my crochet along (CAL) blanket, I have had to learn a new technique, which I have to say had me slightly complexed for a while, and then when I did get the foundation row going, I was not happy with my tension, but it is true what they say, practice makes perfect, and the more I’ve hooked the foundation row the better it’s got… Thankfully!

The whole idea behind the CAL blanket is to incorporate different stitches into the rows, learn new things and I think just have fun, so being an avid crafter I am so excited for this challenge, I’m also a terrible hermit in the winter months, so any excuse to snuggle on the sofa and crochet is good for me!

I look out my window as I type this, to a white world of snow covered grass, we have had a lot of snow since February started, we began today with a light covering of snow and this Sunday/Monday is set to see us with another snow storm, So as I crochet my spring colored blanket, I am dreaming of longer spring days, picnic baskets and my newly crocheted blanket, chillier spring soccer games wrapped in my blanket and hot drinks cuddled in our hands!


The sun is shining today, but it’s cold and windy, I’m snuggled with my two babies on the sofa, I’m about to pick up my hook and crochet another stripe… Whatever you are doing today… Stay safe and warm!



Color inspiration for my two blankets … I just love this!

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