Planning a Valentines…

Some people think Valentines day is pointless… Me I’ve always loved an excuse for an extra celebration! I think this year we will be staying in yet again, but I really don’t mind, as I’ve said before I’m a bit of a hermit in all this cold weather, so a quiet night in is perfect for me!

The question is, how shall we spend our date night… I love planning a meal, and as it turns out so does Mabel, she loves Pinterest and has so many great ideas, so together on an ultra quick shopping trip last night we came up with a plan… Oh Homegoods I love you!

First, oh did I mention I love this idea… Mabel came up with the idea of framing a wedding photo for Paul’s new room we are decorating… Yes, the perfect Valentines gift… We found the perfect rustic frame, I found the perfect wedding photo and edited it, printed it, then of course framed it! I then found the perfect rustic basket, this basket will be the perfect addition for Paul’s Birthday present too… But shhhhh, that ones a surprise! I added in a giant rustic X, that makes a giant kiss for the room and then played around with additions for food… A slate cheese board, fancy cheese knives, new wine glasses… Then I added some food and drink, bread dipping oil and wine, I was going to add more food but I ran out of space!


I kept dinner simple, cheese, meats, good bread… And for desert, chocolate fondue with marshmallows, tiny cookies and plump strawberries to dip… Now my perfect dinner for two turned into a chaotic dinner for five… I guess that’s the thing of a large family, as each person came home they joined us, and of course Mabel loves cheese and chocolate so it was a given that she would join us!


On a final note of a day for lovers… Why is it an excuse to sell things for ridiculous prices… Godiva were selling their chocolate strawberries for $9 a strawberry, yes that’s $9 for one strawberry, granted I have no idea how much they normally sell for, but $9 for 1 strawberry seems excessive… Anyway I told Farrel who was thinking of buying his girlfriend some, he could make 6 for less than one strawberry using Godiva chocolate… Well part of that was true… Because his Mom can definitely make them for less, of course you knew it would be me making them… And they were delicious, as I made a few more for us too…

Her is my simple recipe for copy cat Godiva chocolate strawberries…

6 good sized strawberries
2 bars of your choice of Godiva chocolate (I used milk chocolate)
1 teaspoon of coconut oil for chocolate shine
Optional extra, 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips to melt for decorative stripes) or just like Godiva you could stripe the chocolates with the same melted milk chocolate)

Take a saucepan and place approximately an inch of water in the bottom, place a glass bowl over the water in the pan so that the bowl is not touching the water and sits nicely in the pan, add the chocolate and coconut oil in the bowl and then slowly bring the water to a low boil, this will slowly melt the chocolate, once it is thoroughly melted, take the bowl off the heat and dip each strawberries so that they are 3/4 coved in chocolate, place on a tray lined with parchment paper to allow to set! If you are using white chocolate to decorate, then melt the white chocolate in the same way as I have described for the milk chocolate, spoon into a plastic sandwich bag, snip the corner of the bag, be careful to only snip a tiny corner, then pipe over the set chocolate strawberries… Now try to wait until the chocolate sets… Then enjoy!


Well last Saturday was a snowy day,the roads were dangerously covered in snow, but the food the wine, and our family… Well it was a weird combination, but it all made for a very different Valentines Day than I had planned, but I wouldn't change a thing… Well maybe Valentines Day in Spring would be perfect!


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