Dollar store…

Can someone please tell me how the dollar store sells everything for a dollar… It’s crazy but if you need something cheap go in there! I’m trying to organize the toys, so the perfect place is the Dollar Tree, spring organizing has just arrived, baskets, boxes all in fresh spring colors and the best thing, only one dollar a piece… What could be better for organizing a closet!

The dollar store is great for all sorts of projects, they have a good selection of Easter things on their shelves, so putting together an Easter basket for Florrie is made a little bit easier, I purchased a great basket on 90% off clearance in Target last year, along with several other extremely cheap Easter themed items, always thinking ahead. I plan to bulk buy my chocolate in Costco this year, the Lindt chocolate carrots look so cute and the Belgian chocolate bunnies are a must, but the dollar store is my go to place for carrot shaped blowing bubbles, carrot shaped eggs for the egg hunt and a cute Easter sign, can you tell I’m loving the carrot and bunny theme this year… Hopefully she will love my budget basket!

School projects can end up costly, but again the dollar store is a great place to start… Mabel is once again doing the Trep$ Market place this week, it’s an entrepreneur program to teach children about setting up their own business’ … The market place is held tomorrow night, her booth idea was her Dad’s bright idea of using Jordan’s Polaroid camera for a selfie booth… I love the idea but of course in reality the organizing has led back to me… Pinterest has been great for ideas and inspiration, we have made a photographic backdrop stand , mine cost less than $20 to make including sprung loaded clasps to pull the fabric taught. The dollar store has been great for props… Funky sunglasses, aloha necklaces and bunny ears are among a few of the ideas we bought there, we’ve also used free online printout ideas to mount on sticks for hand held fun… This idea would be great to use for parties and just fun photographic ideas… It’s easy to do and fun to organize… I’m just hoping she makes lots of money tomorrow night!


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