Photographic diary

Life through my lens…

I originally started this blog as a diary for myself, I have a terrible memory, and for friends and family who live far away, so going back to my blogging roots I thought I’d take you on a photographic journey of where I live, the things we do and the places we visit in a series I’m going to title ‘Life through my Lens’. I hope you will enjoy it!

Of course the day I decide to start this photographic journey we are at home all day, so today is possibly not the best day to start, but this day in my life type story is meant to be everything, warts and all, so let’s start with the first job of my day… Laundry, it’s a huge job with so many people living in our house, so this is first pile of clean washing to sort, due to a busy schedule recently I’m a little behind!


Of course this is another big part of my day… Getting Tate to nap for more than 10 minutes… So here I am just chilling with this beautiful boy napping next to me, I’m planning making my soup for lunch in my head, green beans and Brie cheese, will that work? I’m so hungry and it’s 12.20pm…


Today has made me think of people back home today, so I have crocheted my first ever heart… Sending hugs to people I love!



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