Reflecting on choices…

There are just times in your life when you have to reflect on choices you have made throughout your life, and right now is one of those times for me… What if I’d never moved 3500 miles away from the home I’d always known… What if I’d taken up yoga earlier in life, would I be fitter and more in control… Why did I choose  the house I live in?   All of these questions run through my head and fill my thoughts, but I can’t change a single choice I have made in the past,  I just have to move forward with new choices in my life!

  The best thing in my life is my family, I’ve been lucky to have my Mum stay with me for the last 3 months, it’s been a busy few months with big Birthdays and small ones too, we’ve celebrated Mother’s Day together, watched endless soccer games together and celebrated huge milestones in my children’s life’s… We’ve also stared at the clock endlessly together feeling helpless 3500 miles away from my nephew having major surgery, we’ve sighed with relief together as we heard he was in recovery… We will also both cry together next Saturday as she leaves to go home… But I am so thankful we have had this time together, I love her so much! 
 May is always a busy month for us… Soccer season is fully operational, we are flying from one field to another, we have had two Birthdays to celebrate, one Anniversary and Mother’s Day all in a few days… This year though we had two extra reasons to celebrate, my two eldest children graduated from University with their degrees, to say we are proud is an understatement, unfortunately Dom chose not to walk, I was truly disappointed but I had to accept his wishes, but Lewis wore his gown, no cap allowed, the sun shone and tears flowed as we watched our second oldest child proudly receive his degree that he has worked so hard for… Is there any reward greater for a mother than watching her child work hard and achieve so much… I think not!  

 This month  saw my little girl turn to the ripe old age of 4… Really, how could that be, I only had her yesterday!  She really is a ray of sunshine in all our lives, she is an excellent dancer, she loves to sing and watch all kinds of kids u tube videos… She constantly chatters and asks questions about everything and anything, she is just so happy and beautiful.  To say I love her to the moon and back would be an understatement, there are no words to describe my love for this beautiful, funny, crazy little girl 🙂  


And now as this crazy hectic month draws to an end I look forward to a calmer summer, maybe, hopefully, possibly not as I embark on trying to get some estimates for contractors to do some work on our house… Life is full of change and I need to learn to embrace it and move on, be happy and smile often, I am one very lucky Person 🙂