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Repurposing old things…

Most of our house is in need of a little TLC, well a major renovation really, I think when we purchased it 7 years ago it was a bad flip, it’s been a nightmare constantly.  We have redecorated two of the rooms at the front of the house, they are bright and airy now, an off white color on the walls, fresh new pictures cover the once stark dark paintwork and a reorganization of the furniture and they look like new again, it’s a slow job, but I think we have made a little headway.

With our kitchen renovation started I decided to get the whole front of the house in better shape, so when you walk in you have a pleasant experience before you enter the chaos that is the family room and kitchen right now. We will be redecorating our entryway soon, I have never liked the yellow color on the walls … But for now a reorganization and distribution of furniture, rugs and a few new accessories will have to do.  

I have taken a very old chest of drawers, when we bought it about 18 years ago from an antique shop near to where we lived, it was old and now many, many years later it’s very old and was looking a tad sad and unloved… It had numerous stains on the top, the wood looked very dry, but with the magic of some orange oil polish, some chalk paint and a stencil, it has come back to life again… I am very pleased with the results. 

I have an old fabric ottoman that belonged to my grandmother, it’s been recovered a few times through the years to cover the horrible gold colored vinyl it once had, I really liked the green gingham on the bottom I had used several years ago, but I needed to update the top… I’m loving burlap, it’s cheap and rustic making it perfect to update this family heirloom of mine, so of course it was the perfect option and I think it looks perfect now.

I have renovated an old dark antique chair we bought in Lewes, England many years ago for the bargain price of £35, it’s one of those items of furniture that has moved from room to room never really fitting in, well now it has new purpose, it’s been painted a vintage duck egg blue and distressed, I took off the fabric and have re-upholstered it with a bright red check fabric.  

Last but not least I moved my kitchen table rug into the hallway to add some color, I added a few plants and accessories on the wall, both old and new and even though the wall really are in need of some fresh paint the whole area looks a lot better.

All in all our budget friendly makeover of the entryway looks brighter, cleaner and fresher… I am loving the chalk paint and finishes you can buy to go with it, I have re-found my love of renovating old pieces of furniture again, it’s very satisfying to take a sad unloved item and make it new again.  


2 thoughts on “Repurposing old things…”

  1. Karen, I love your ideas and what you have done with your entryway. I wish I had more room in our little bungalow-style house. I can’t do much to make it just the way I want it. I’m going to follow your posts and enjoy the makeover vicariously!

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