As Summer draws to an end.

Summer Recess is officially over… alarms were set, camera was put on charge ready for the obligatory ‘Back to School’ photos, Lunch was made and chilling out in the refrigerator, but what I hadn’t bargained for was how empty I would feel not waking Blu up to catch the bus, can he truly be old enough to leave school, go out in the big wide scary world on his own… the answer to those questions is quite simply yes, he really is grown up and ready to start the next chapter in his life… who knew it would fly past so quickly?


I never really felt this Summer kicked itself into high gear, the weather was like a roller coaster, one minute we were flying high with warm sunny weather, the next we dipped down low with cooler, cloudy rainy weather, so unusual and so completely confusing. The Summer was stressful in so many ways, we started it off with my Mum having to go into hospital for an operation, being so many miles away made it even more stressful, the operation went well but we were then told she needed more treatment, so more stress from afar. Blu managed to write off our spare car, leaving us one car down, so the car that was being used was mine, meaning I had less time to live Summer carefree life. August is always crazy, Soccer begins and is a full time commitment, early morning practice, some days two practices, games begin and then of course our Summer sees 4 Birthday celebrations that have to be planned for, celebrated then cleared up after. This year my big girl turned 16, now although I struggle to understand the significance of the American Sweet 16 big parties, why? what is so different about being 16 to being 15? Anyway I wanted my girl to have a special day so we planned a friend beach day and sleepover. She invited 3 friends, all the room we had in the car, we got to the beach by 9.30am, it was still quiet enough, we ate acai bowls for breakfast then we chilled out by the waters edge, we ate pizza on the beach, the girls all took photos, swam in the ocean, played beach games and then took more photos. We drove home, we originally wanted a hotel for the night but they were fully booked, so we drove back ready for a sushi and movie night sleepover… a very successful organized way to celebrate your Sweet 16. ❤️



Usually we like to get out a lot more in the Summer, but this year with a combination of the weather, my state of mind, crazy woman who has put on weight and really needs to lose it fast type of mind, the soccer season and Paul having to work a lot of weekends we only managed a few places, but of course we have very kind friends who have a gorgeous garden and pool, so we very happily spent a lot of time round there swimming and BBQ’ing… not a bad way to spend your Summer, I have to say 😍



With all of that said, there were lots of positives this Summer, I kicked my own butt into gear, started an exercise routine and got my food into high healthy gear, watching calories and everything I eat.  We met the new lions at the zoo, we tried rolled ice-cream for the first time, and I do have to say it is delicious, we ran around Urban Outfitters doing a photoshoot whilst we waited for a teenage girl to shop, we decided we loved acai bowls for breakfast at the beach, and we loved eating pizza on the beach with sand on it, Wegmans opened and the whole town stopped by causing major traffic delays on both roads leading into it, but we waited to go and believe me it was worth the wait, we have visited the sunflower fields and we actually have been to the beach twice.  I have booked two vacations for later this year and the best thing of all is my Mum is on the road to recovery, slowly but surely… so when you look at it like that, it was a good Summer after all.


Now my big girl is a Junior in High School, when we moved over here she was in Kindergarten, she has had her whole school life over here and now we are down to her final two years, wow time just flies by, just let it slow down a little so I can catch a breath and breath in everything that is my family… this year I have three children in college getting their degrees, one of those is getting his Masters and two have got grown up jobs working in the real world, one of those has had two promotions this year, I have one child who is an honors student in High School and two babies that I love homeschooling, but are growing up way, way too fast… I have a very hardworking in husband who allows me the privilege of staying at home and teaching my babies… just breath and slow down time a little to appreciate everything around me ❤️


As I look back over Summer 2017, I realize how crazy it was, I do not feel rested or chilled out, in fact I’m the complete opposite… time to get some sort of routine back and get on schedule for a new homeschooling year again… school is in session for us next week, I needed a couple of days to get myself together after the whole get Mabel to school again thing… whenever you go back I want to wish a Happy Back to School everyone… may this year be the best ever. 📚

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