I love the month of May, I love everything about May, it’s when nature comes back to life after the long Winter, its the Anniversary of the day I married the love of my life, it’s when my excited 7 year old daughter gets another year older and plans every detail of her precious Birthday right down to the last detail, it’s when the days are finally longer and my boots can finally be put in the closet and exchanged for my old but beloved Birkenstock’s… yes indeed May is a beautiful month.

May is usually a busy month for us with Birthdays, our Anniversary and Mother’s Day all within a few days of each other, but this year we added a couple of new things to our schedule for May, this year we began our month in Savannah Georgia on Vacation… and what a vacation it was, the weather was beautiful every single day, the buildings were adorable, windows, doors just rustic and beautiful, my new camera worked so hard snapping away at a new delight every time I blinked, we drank wine with lunch every day, it’s definitely allowed on vacation, we rode the free bus around town and rode the free ferry’s across the river, we ate different new delights at different restaurants all the time… but the best part of this vacation was just having time to be with the ones that I love… and for one little girl the best part was getting to swim in the pool every single day.

We celebrated our Anniversary in the beautiful city of Savannah, but we flew home to celebrate my Birthday, which doubled as Mothers Day this year with all of our children, despite being Zombie like tired from our extremely early alarm and flight home, all of my older children planned a perfect day, brunch turned into lunch, due to flight delays, sushi was ordered and a huge cheese board was created, balloons, napkins and paper plates were perfectly co-ordinated with a banner and a gorgeous chocolate raspberry cake was alight with candles… I couldn’t a planned a better Birthday if I tried… and let’s not forget the presents, oh they were GOOD, what a lucky girl I am.

Florence’s Birthday came next… she planned everything she wanted to eat and do… food was of upmost importance in this day, bagels for breakfast, sushi for lunch, Chinese for dinner and an ice cream cake for dessert… it was a lot to achieve but we did it almost, we just couldn’t fit bagels into the huge day of food. She wanted a girls Spa day, manicure and pedicure followed by an afternoon of mini golf down by the lake… the sun shone bright and everyone had so much fun, especially one very special Birthday girl.

Last but not least this month was a very special day, my second eldest son graduated with his Masters of Science degree in Sustainability and Sustainability Leadership… F and T got to stay with friends for the evening, they even got a late afternoon swim in their pool so they were very happy whilst we got to watch our son get something he has worked so hard for, now you know there were tears, what really made my evening was the fact that everyone at home and my parents who are 3500 miles away got to watch a live stream of the special moment, sometimes I do believe technology is wonderful and this was definitely one of those moments… I am definitely a proud Mother this week, because to add to this wonderful achievement, my Senior daughter received her Arts Honors Society cords ready for her High School graduation… what a week.

Now this weekend is Memorial Day weekend… who doesn’t love a long weekend, it’s that Friday feeling but much much better because the weekend is now 3 days long… we are celebrating my sons Masters Degree today, tomorrow we have no plans and Monday we head to our friends to swim in their pool… I will forever believe that I am truly lucky to have such a wonderful family and such great friends in my life… that is really the only thing you need to be the happiest person alive.

Whatever you are doing on this glorious long weekend in May, have a fantastic one. ♥️

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