Dressing Florence…

I am frequently being complimented on how I dress my little Florence, from the moment she was born people have stopped me wherever I go and have said that they loved her dress, her outfit and most of all they always compliment me on how beautiful she is!

My Mom came up with an idea for me… Why didn’t I market myself as a children’s stylist, giving advice on how to dress your baby to toddler, I was not sure as I never like to think my taste is better than anyone else’s, but after some careful consideration and a little bit of research I think that maybe I could test out the water here on my blog!

I will begin by saying how fussy I am when it comes to choosing clothes for not only my children but myself, I will look in most stores, price and type of store is not a factor, I am more than happy to shop in thrift stores if I can find something I like, in fact I absolutely love a bargain if I am totally thrilled by my purchase! I love creating looks and styles for my little Florrie and now my little boy Tate, I would say these days I get so much pleasure from dressing my two little ones, it has almost over taken dressing myself!

Although I have said price and store are not a factor in my decision, I do shop on a budget, so although I will look in most stores I am always on the hunt for a bargain… My favorite stores at the moment are Naartje, Osh Kosh, H&M Kids, Zulily online and Target! I am a big fan of the clearance racks in all stores especially when they add an extra discount, the Gap is always good for a bargain along with Target, Osh Kosh and Carter’s!


The dress in the photo above was bought in Target, it is one of the rare times when I have absolutely said to myself I have to have that dress and paid full price for it, $20, expensive for Cherokee brand in Target! A few weeks later I was regretting my decision as this dress did not seem to be popular, I do not know why, as I am still to this day in love with it, but it went onto the clearance rack! (Orange wings $1 from the dollar section in Target)


This is a beautiful costume of Queen Elsa from Frozen, designed and made by myself and my Mom… We chose to keep this dress simple with a flowing pleated cape, we added a few sparkles here and there… I think it works! Thank you Jo Ann’s for the beautiful fabrics we managed to find there at bargain prices using coupons! Total cost for this dress $15 plus lots of love! (Tiara was my older daughters headband from Claire’s)



The dress is as described above, the oh so cute rain boots are from Target, yet another of my have to buy purchases, these reminded me very much of my favorite Cath Kidston store back in the UK, one look at these boots and I was totally smitten, there is a matching raincoat, which I will post later! These boots were a bargain even at full price, they cost me $15 and I was very pleased to never see them reduced on the clearance rail! I love mixing and matching these boots with dresses, skirts, socks and tights… They remind me of the English Countryside look, trailing through fields and woodland! A must item for both Spring and Fall!


This cute, very French looking summer dress was a bargain purchase from Marshall’s… It reminds me of when my older daughter was younger and we lived back in the UK, I bought a lot of her clothes from the French catalogues Verbaudet and Jo Jo Mama petite! I love the color and design of this simple dress, perfect for Spring, Summer and even Fall, teamed with a cute pair of boots and a sweater, it’s perfect for the cooler weather! The sandals are from Target, a very cute $14.99, the hair clip was a very kind Carter’s gift from a friend and the puppy dog is from Ikea, $6.99 and well loved!

Thanks for reading… I’ll be back soon with more fashion ideas for your little ones closets!

This is a new section on my blog, I would love to have your comments and feedback on anything and everything Florrie Flower… I look forward to hearing from you all soon!


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