Tate's milestones

Tate is 1 today!


I’ve said it before, and I will say it again… Quickest year EVER! Tate is 1 today, not quite as he wasn’t born until almost midnight, but it’s official, today is his first Birthday, my beautiful happy boy is growing up fast!


Tate as a one year old is a happy little boy, he is adored by everyone and he knows it, his little face shines as he smiles at all his siblings with adoration! He is not walking on his own just yet, but I think it won’t be too long, he can walk around furniture and sometimes he stands unaided without thinking about it! He is techno baby, just like his older brother Dom he loves to play with anything technical, cell phones, DVR’s, laptops… Anything that’s not a toy!


Tate absolutely loves music, he stops, smiles and bops away to any tune he hears, he loves to touch and listen to the guitar being played all the time. He loves watching Mickey Mouse on the tv and he’s pretty great at working his way around an iPad too!


Tate is eating much better now, he has had a very unconventional approach to eating solid foods, I have completely gone along with him, my belief is that we are all different and develop at different rates, so I have completely let him do his own thing… He is now a small eater, but he will try anything, he’s had Chinese food recently and loved it and Indian, he wasn’t too sure about that! Of course he loves anything chocolate, cookies or cake, but he still appears to have his dairy allergy so I need to be careful with what he has. He also seems to have a weak stomach when it comes to some veggies, I’m hoping as he gets older and eats more things that this will change. He loves strawberries, grapes, cucumber and avocado, so at least we are heading in the healthy direction! I can no longer say he is exclusively breastfed, but he is still nursing, and I love his milk induced sleepy cuddles… Oh it’s the best part, it’s just perfection!


We had an appointment at the doctors office this week for a vaccination, so three days before his Birthday he was weighed and my chunky little monkey has definitely slowed down his weight gain, he weighed in at 20lbs 14ozs, fully clothed, so just 1lb heavier than Florrie at the same age. He is wearing age appropriate clothes, so I think he is an average size for his age now!


Tate’s favorite new trick at the moment is pointing at everything and saying ooohhh…, it is just so cute! He is still not the best sleeper, I can manage to get him to sleep for possibly a couple of hours in his own bed every night, but the rest of the night he is snuggled between Florrie and I, sometimes he sleeps ok but other times he is restless, he always stirs at around 4am though, but he is so adorable, the love of my life and I just want to hug his soft baby’ness all day… His hair is so soft and his smile is so sweet, my restless nights sleep with him are so worth every minute I get to be with him!



In a heartbeat I would do this all over again… Tate you are my beautiful Birthday Boy and I just love you so much! Xxx xx xxx


Attachment parenting…

In this crazy world in which we live in we have to name everything and make it fashionable… One of the new trending terms for breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby-wearing parents is CRUNCHY, or attachment parenting… Although these things we do as new parents may make us crunchy these days, haven’t they been around for much longer than these trendy parents seem to realise!

I have always been a very attached parent, I do not believe that leaving my baby to cry will help him to learn to sleep on his own or make him a more independent person as he grows up, I believe in cuddles, comfort and being there for him so that he does not get distressed… Once upon a time I would have worried what everyone thought about me extending breastfeeding to my little girl, or what they would have said about babies sleeping in my bed so that I can sleep night after night, but being a new mother in my forties has changed this… I believe motherhood is about each individual’s journey with their child, their beliefs and their own style of parenting!

As I sit in bed and type, I look down to my side at the little boy sleeping beside me… This weekend he has been poorly, he has needed cuddles all the time and reassurance that he will feel better soon, it breaks my heart to hear babies cry, so this is why I choose to parent in the way I do… Sometimes Paul is not wholly with my way of thinking, but that’s ok, it is the way it is, we can’t agree on everything and on this subject we differ, well actually on many subjects we differ, but we make it work, that’s what is important.