Boys, boys, BOYS!

I had forgotten quite how difficult it is to buy nice baby boy clothes, in 14 years things have slightly improved, but I really think these shops could improve what they are selling for young boys much more than they have done! On a recent trip into our local Target I noticed that in the baby/toddler girls section of clothes there were lots of bright spring colors and clothes of all styles, dresses, skirts, leggings, shorts, the list is endless, but in the same section for boys it was very disappointing, the baby clothes were almost non existent and for toddlers you were faced with the choice of hoodies and sweat pants in dreary colors like dark blue and gray… Really, where were the nice bright spring clothes for little boys, do boys not want spring and summer clothes these days? The other thing I noticed was that most girls clothes are sold as separates, t-shirts to mix and match with skirts, shorts or leggings etc, but in the boys section most of the clothes were sold in sets, so there may have been a t-shirt I liked, but it was paired with pants and a sweater I did not like or want to buy… Crazy if you ask me!

Why, oh why do boys clothes have to be bottle green, dark blue, charcoal gray or black with huge ugly motifs placed all over them… I was at the pediatrician office the other day, Tate was wearing a bright yellow sweatshirt, gray and white star leggings with a matching striped yellow hat, he was not in the usual dreary colors that seem to be uniform for boys, the doctor just assumed he was a girl, he had Tate’s file in his hand but he repeatedly said she, I told my daughter it was because he wasn’t wearing the stereotypical boys clothes… It is time boys clothes became as much fun to buy as girls clothes!

I have found some good boy shops online, but in the stores I am limited to the Gap and H&M kids… and a few items everywhere else that I would actually buy my little Tate! My dream would be to write to Target and work with them on a trendy line of boys clothing, just like Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools has done in the UK with her beautiful clothing line ‘Little Bird’, I love buying clothes for Florence in Target and quite frequently find good bargains on the clearance rails, but I struggle looking at the boys clothes!

Here are a couple of links for excellent boys clothing stores online…
Mini Boden USA
Little Hipsqueaks

Clothes from the GAP baby!

Tutu from Carter’s, hat by Florrie’s Attic on Etsy!

Clothes all from Target!

Sweater from OshKosh!