Facebook is just like Marmite…

Saturday, March 10, 2012

As most of you know I am back from a little trip back to my homeland… Ha, ha!, good old sunny England, and this time the weather was very good and very sunny for the time of the year!


Well I just have one thing to say… Wow, how crowded can London get… Well the answer is very, with a capital V, it was so crowded with people rushing here there and everywhere it begs the question how an earth is London going to cope with the influx of people that will arrive for the Olympics? It has been two and a half years since I have been in London and I really did notice how much busier our capital city has become!


So the big question that came about from my trip was… are you a Facebook fan, do you love it or do you just really hate it?  This question seemed to come up alot in my two weeks away, it seems to me that Facebook is just like Marmite, you either love it or hate it!  So my question to you all is… What are your feelings about Facebook?  Personally I think FB has a lot of positive qualities, it is easy to keep in contact with friends near and far, it has reconnected me with friends and family lost in the past, and most importantly I get to see photos of everyone’s lives, these photo’s in years past would have been printed and stored away without anyone really getting to see them!  On the downside FB have the rights to all photos put on their site and also details about each and every one of us on there, but really if you don’t take FB too seriously and look at it like a magazine of family and friends lives and interests it can be fun, well that’s my opinion anyway… Tell me what you all think? At the moment FB is added to my two new fave sites Pinterest and Instagram, I am addicted to this world wide web that has evolved over the last decade or so!


To everyone out there that reads my blog… We had a great trip back to England, we stayed in London for most of our time there,many of our close family and friends came up to see us, we did lots of sightseeing and then on a couple of the days we went back to where we used to live!  Blu and Mabel stayed over with my parents and had play dates with their cousins… They had a blast!  I think I can say on behalf of my children their two favorite things they did in London were the M&M store, thanks Kate for the idea, and the Science Museum, the thing they liked the least was all the walking we did!  For me it was the shops and Covent Garden, not that I shopped too much, I was very restrained as the trip cost so much, but I have to say I am just loving the Cath Kidston Stores that have appeared since my last trip back… The one in Covent Garden was just sooooooo cute, I could have bought everything in there, it really took a lot of willpower to walk out of there with only a couple of things!  We also had a trip to M&S near to where we used to live… Mabels shopping basket was bulging, after a long debate I managed to reduce her pile of clothes to half, and Blu of course just headed towards the Percy pigs… Candy mad!  Covent Garden as always mesmerized me, I absolutely love it there, I think it is one of my favorite places in the world to just be in, sit, eat, shop and of course enjoy a glass of wine with all the hustle and bustle around me!


On a last note for today, I want to say a huge thank you to all my family and friends that made this trip so memorable, to my Mum and Dad for tirelessly catching the bus up most days, to my friend for a fabulous day out in M&S, to Kate for the great idea of the M&M store, Blu and Mabel will love you forever for saving them from the British Museum, oh and let’s not forget the pop rocks you got them hyper with… Ha, ha, to Lesley and Martin for our last minute night out, even though their son had been extremely sick in hospital (hope Josh is much better), oh and I must not forget to say I love my union Jack Tins Lesley, thank you so much, to my brother and his family for a wonderful day out on the River Thames or not as it turned out to be, to Paul’s Sister and her family, Jane and Dave for a wonderful drunken day in my favorite place, Covent Garden and to everyone else I managed to squeeze into seeing on my brief trip… You know who you all are… Thank you!  And to those friends and family I did not manage to see, I am so sorry we missed you… Next time, or maybe you could come and see us here in New Jersey, you are all, always more than welcome!


Photos to follow… It may take me a while,as, in true Karen fashion I have taken nearly a thousand photos on my two cameras and my iPhone so it may take me a while to sort through them!