Handmade Baby Boy!

Life in our house is busy as usual, but I have had to take a step or two back and learn to let others help me out… Not easy for this busy Mom of 7, but I’m learning… My glucose levels have returned to normal, gestational diabetes scare over… Yay, but my iron levels are dangerously low, 60% depleted, so this explains how bad I’ve been feeling! the extreme tiredness, the shortness of breath and the occasional palpitations! This week I start hour long infusions of iron, hopefully this will make me feel so much better, I’ve been adding lots of iron rich food to my diet but I have to give in this time and take the IV, but if I had the choice I would just try the diet for a while longer!

As I am kind of on an in forced rest, my body won’t let me do too much, I get totally exhausted and very breathless easily, I’ve been concentrating on making baby items not only for this little boy who seems to be causing me so many problems at the moment, but later on for my Etsy shop Florrie’s Attic! I love, love, love babies in hats, boys hats are a little more difficult to find something different, so I’m working on ideas for cute baby boy hats! I’m also working on a fabric baby blanket with a crochet edge, at the moment I am using boy colors but the options are endless and I am totally in love with this new thin, spring blanket!

I have found a couple of links to handmade burp cloths and crib sheets, so this is definitely something I would like to try, JoAnn’s is a destination this week for supplies! Here are the links…
Hand made burp cloths
Handmade crib sheets

We are starting our little girl and boy room this week, well I say we, what I actually mean is I am organizing the colors and Paul is starting the manual labor! I have finally decided on a colors and I am very excited… We went to Sherwin Williams yesterday for paint samples, so I am hoping that the colors will be perfect! I love mismatched shabby chic style and I think this room will be perfect for a little girl and tiny boy to share… this is my inspiration!


On a final note for today, Martin Luther King Day, of course I always have to talk about food… Although I am not actually cooking at the moment, I am in charge of the menu and tonight we have cheesy spinach baked penne I have been using gluten free brown rice pasta from TJ’s, I also like the fact that this recipe uses lots of iron rich spinach, combined with lower fat cheese options like cottage cheese, now I’m not sure my family will love this, but I love cottage cheese, we are going to have this with my favorite baby kale salad from Costco and some kind of protein, not sure what that will be yet, as I need to go to the grocery store, but I’m thinking mine will be baked tofu!

Links I have found for free crochet baby patterns…
Baby girl hat crochet pattern
Triple crochet cocoon and hat pattern
A guide to properly sized crochet hats… a must when you are making hats!
A super chunky baby cocoon
Newborn to 3 months crochet beanie


When life gets tough get your crochet hook out…

Well life has certainly been crazy for the last few weeks, crazy in a weird, not so good way really, but we are working our way though the craziness… I think when life throws you a curve ball it makes you realize we cannot take this life for granted, it makes us stop and take stock of the things that are important to us and then move forward… Well that’s what has happened to me!

Back to life as we know it… Well life as I know it anyway… the sun has been shining and spring has finally arrived here in our little corner of New Jersey, yesterday saw the temperature rising to 79f, I don’t care what anyone says, the feeling of spring and the thoughts of long summer days makes everything feel so much better, no matter what is going on in your life!

Healthy eating is back on the agenda in our house, after a few weeks of eating, well all I will say on this subject is JUNK food, and sitting around like fat cat couch potatoes… It’s time to break out the salad leaves and chop some tomatoes… My grocery shopping this week was so healthy, fruit, grains, vegetables and beans, it has freaked out my older children and now stop and shop is their hang out place for their addiction to all things unhealthy!

Weekly Menu plan

1). Broccoli rice bowl

2). Chicken … white bean ragout on toast

3). Chicken …Pasta salad with grilled vegetables and mozzarella – whole foods app

4). Grilled steak with Thai summer salad – whole foods app

5). Sausage. .. Red potato and asparagus salad – whole foods app

6). Kale, carrot and avacado salad – whole foods app

7). Lentil and cous cous salad with arugula – whole foods app

I have also picked up my crochet hook again, I love to crochet, it is very therapeutic… I love to knit also but there is just something about that hook compared to a pair of needles, it really helps to organize my thoughts and just chill out… I am making a blanket from last months Mollie Makes Magazine… Oh how I love that magazine… The blanket is super easy and my little granny squares are fun in different colors!

I am also in super organizing mode, my whole house has been a disaster zone, with all the craziness I have been very uninspired really, but the sun has inspired me to go crazy and get my house sorted out… For anyone that knows me really well, I am a huge shabby chic fan, I love distressed mismatched style and after living in this house for 4 years I really want to make it my own, pale colors, shabby chic, shaker style, stripes, checks (plaids) and faded florals, are all in the future of this old, newish house! Flea Markets are on the horizon for weekend outings this summer, also pots of beautiful geraniums out on my deck… Time for this one time decorating freak to get her long lost mojo back!

With thoughts of spring gardening, and pots of pale paint ready to adorn my walls… I will wish you all warm sunny thoughts and get on with my day!




Steak for dinner…

Who would have known I could of made five of my children so very happy with one average size piece of steak for dinner last night… Well that’s what happened and I will tell you about it… I finally managed to perfect medium rare steak last night, I’m so happy, it wasn’t completely uncooked in the middle it was perfect, all I needed to do was use my meat thermometer, hidden away in my cupboards, next my Mum made the perfect pizza dough and a pizza was created to each persons specifications, then when it was cooked it was topped with African smoked, lightly charred medium rare steak slices, sorry for the long description but I’m just so happy to get my steak perfectly cooked, my thermometer will be used all the time now. Once the pizza’s were cooking I searched around for something warming to accompany them with, the weather is sooooo bitterly cold soup is always a good winter warmer, I had two potatoes, and a bag of frozen leeks… Lightbulb time… A firm English favorite in our house, good old leek and potato soup was quickly thrown together in my rice steamer… Voila the perfect dinner for my children, I have never had so many compliments on food before from them… I completely forgot I was in my own house!

We are busily trying to reorganize and decorate upstairs in our house… We started with Mabel’s room, after weeks and weeks, dollars and dollars spent on paint samples she finally came to a decision on the color, Paul has done a fabulous job painting her room, he is such a perfectionist, we will soon be on the finishing touches, the fun part, we have the curtains ready but she wants white wooden slatted blinds and new cream furniture, a long chest of drawers and a dressing table from Ikea! Next room for a makeover is Blu’s drab green room, my Dad has been priming the walls and Paul has started on the perfect grey paint. My Mum is in the process of making gray roman blinds to go with the gray check curtains I already have, all this is going to go with a new dark wood full size bed and tv cabinet and a vintage look British flag bedding set from restoration hardware! If anyone knows anyone who would like to buy a high twin bed with a desk underneath and a red Ikea sofa, let me know as we are selling both from Blu’s room! Finally it’s onto Florrie’s room, I think it will be a very pale pink, again my Mum is going to repurpose Mabel’s old pink gingham curtains into roman blinds and then I will add white ruffled drapes to go with them!

It is extremely cold here, the temperatures are way down in the minuses, so most of the winter I have forgotten to wear my gloves and just worn thick cardigans instead of a coat, but yesterday the chill in the air actually hurt your skin, so I did not forget to put on my gloves and my coat came out of retirement… It looks like we are in for a few more days of this freezing weather and maybe another snow storm on Friday, so I’m off to buy groceries today, stock up my cupboards so that I can stay in, keep warm and at least I know we will be able to eat too… there are so many winter illnesses going around too, I’m thinking of hibernating until this winter is over! Stay warm and keep healthy!