Junk Food Saturday

I am going to call yesterday ‘Junk Food Saturday’… Why I hear you all ask, so I’m going to tell you! We started our Saturday morning with a yummy (hear the sarcasm in my text) McDonalds breakfast, then we spent our morning at a friends house drinking coffee, we watched Blu’s game later in the afternoon, Paul helped move furniture for our friends again and then we went straight to the mall for Mabel and her new cell phone… With all of this to’ing and fraying we forgot to eat lunch so on the way home we stopped yet again in my favorite (again hear the sarcasm) fast food restaurant… This time we all shared nuggets and fries… So to the point of these ramblings, I have decided Junk Food Saturday will never happen again, too much junk food in one day is really not good for you, so today has been an overload of veggies and good food choices for dinner… Much to my children’s dismay…
Chicken noodle soup with gluten free angel hair pasta and lots of healthy veggies
Quinoa, feta, lots of veggies stuffed peppers
And finally delicious spinach, chickpea and spinach cutlets from Costco… All sooooo delicious and my stomach feels so much better today!

We are trying out brown rice and gluten free pasta for a while as Jord has had a lot of stomach problems recently, tonight the gluten free pasta really gave the soup a nice thick consistency and it tasted good… Now to see if it causes Jord any pain!

Cooking for a family of 9 people is a challenge at the best of times… But tonight I think I cracked it, not only did we all eat healthily but also economically… Believe me I did not skimp on good quality ingredients, in fact most of them were organic… The key tonight was a balance of fresh and frozen vegetables, I bulk bought organic quinoa (my new favorite carbohydrate) from Costco and I also cheated with a ready cooked rotisserie chicken, a bargain, again from Costco!

My recipe for chicken noodle soup cooked in my rice steamer…
Place half a finely chopped red onion and tomato in the pot, add 1/4 of a packet of frozen chopped kale. Mix together with a handful of fresh thyme, a tablespoon of dried rosemary, salt and pepper. Break up pasta from 3/4 box of gluten free angel hair pasta from Wholefoods, top with 3 large handfuls of frozen mixed veggies, mine was a cauliflower, broccoli and carrot mixture from Costco, then cover everything with whatever stock you love, mine was organic chicken stock again from Costco… Close the lid and press the white rice button, pour a glass of red wine sit down and try to relax… In my house this did not happen as within seconds of me sitting down Florence knocked my glass of red wine all over my rug… You just have to love my little girl so much!