Photo’s, photo’s and still more photo’s

It’s been all quiet here on the Windle front, a very chilled out lazy week for my children, but as they say a mothers job is never done, so not so lazy for this very tired Mommy!
I had a few housekeeping tasks that needed doing this week, number one on my list organize Farrel’s GED, check, number two organize Farrel’s driving test, check and number three blood test appointments for Florence and Blu, not check… Still the week is not quite over yet!

Photos are something I have been doing this week, I was in desperate need of catching up with over 2000 photos on my two cameras, iPhone and iPad combined… I have cleared all devices now, backed them up, sorted them and have been sharing some albums… Finally at the end of July I have managed to share Florence’s 1st Birthday photos back in May… Whaooooo!

I have promised my very square eyed children a trip to do some bowling tomorrow and a much anticipated trip to Sparta’s brand new diner… Should be fun!

As far as menu planning this week, not a lot has been happening, we ran out of gas for the grill so cooking has been happening inside mainly, I’ve eaten two lots of McDonald’s for lunch, so much for the flat belly diet and Quick Chek subs for dinner last night… Note to self, get back onto a healthy eating plan… but on the positive side Paul said I had lost a little bit of weight yesterday, so I’m not feeling too guilty about my slightly unhealthy week!

Next weeks list of to do’s are…
Sort and clear out all not needed clothes
Get shelves for mud room cupboard so that I can store pots and pans from kitchen
Get more hangers so Mabel can continue organizing her closet… That girl is Abercrombie Mad!
… And finally, HAVE FUN!

Be organized, stay cool and enjoy the beautiful weather!