Bye bye January…

I am wondering how I am meant to be resting up at 32 weeks pregnant with 35 minute drives twice weekly for iron infusions, Ultrasound appointments and two weekly OBGYN appointments… I’m doctored out right now, Florrie is fed up of being in the car and I’m really fed up of not being able to wear my normal warm clothing for this time of the year… Moan over!

Everyone says I look a lot better from the iron infusions, thankfully, but I’m still waiting for this magic drug to burst into the much needed energy I need to finish the projects I wanted to complete before this little man arrives, on the plus side I think all this iron is giving this baby super strength, he is a real wriggler and loves head butting my rib cage (he is breach at the moment) and kicking my bladder… All the fun moments of pregnancy… Ha, ha!

I am in love with the Baby Gap at the moment, the baby bargains have been in abundance this January, I think I have managed to get a whole newborn baby boy wardrobe for less than $100, he has long sleeve and short sleeve vests and cute little onesies, I love newborn babies in nighties, boy or girl they look so cute, so I have a few nighties too! I have very cute long johns in a variety of colors and I have my Mum and a close friend on knitting duty, cute little cardigans as I am sure the weather will be chilly and I love newborn hand knitted sweaters… All in all he will be the best dressed March newborn baby boy!

Of course I cannot forget my little Florrie’s spring closet, so I have been picking up a few bargains for her too, I love the Target Osh Kosh girls clothes… They recently had a very Cath Kidston raincoat and boots in there, of course a must for every toddler girls Spring wardrobe, they also have just reduced a few Osh Kosh items by 30%, so I got her a little spring jacket and red spotty dress… With Spring clothes appearing in the shops now, I just cannot wait for the warmer weather to arrive!

I have a small list of need to get items before the birth, but I’m very pleased with my bargain baby buys so far, we got 20% off the stroller! a super cheap managers clearance on our Chicco car seat $60 from $199, lots of clearance items from the Baby Gap, we already have the crib, it just needs converting from a baby girl to a cute boy crib! On my list still to get are little socks, some swaddle blankets, a head comforter for the car seat and a small nesting bassinet that can be used in the crib and our bed if needed… Not too many things left to get, so I am happy!

On a totally different subject, I am now going totally green with my dishwasher, I am totally addicted to Pinterest and have found a recipe for making your own dishwasher powder, I have bought the ingredients and am very keen to try it, our dishwasher does not seem to clean well and items do not sparkle, so in an effort to use less chemicals, be more economical and get the dishes cleaner, I’m trying out this recipe…
dishwasher powder recipe
Wish me luck, I will let you know how it works and report back here with my findings!

Just a few free pattern ideas for all you crafters out there… These are the ones I am loving!
crochet moose beanie… very cute?
crochet striped beanie… various sizes!
crib sheets… they look easy peasy!

Just a few recipes you might want to try this weekend…
The best broccoli and cauliflower cheese… Jamie Oliver style… thanks to friend sending me the link!
Super Bowl Sunday guacamole
Of course the Super Bowl would not be complete without chips and Queso… skinny style!

Happy first weekend in February… Hopefully this means the temperatures will get a little bit warmer, and we will see the grass again soon!




When did buying a stroller become so complicated?

I think over the many years since I had my first child, our lives have become busier, I know for sure that I am in a car much more these days than I ever was back in those distant days! As a mother of 7 children soon to be 8, I can say with all honesty that my first three sons in their twenties were fantastic sleepers, the next four that followed were not so great, I am starting to think this is because with my first three children they were not always slumped into car seats, they were laid into Moses baskets, bassinets/cribs and cots to sleep, when we went out they were laid into prams not cradled into car seats and strollers right from the time they were born, meaning that they got used to sleeping flat and not cradled into a womb position almost constantly… So this is why with my new baby boy I have decided to try it old school, go back to the days when babies were laid in prams to sleep, after a lot of research into all these new strollers that have appeared on the market in the last three years since I had Florence, I have chosen a stroller that I am hoping will work for me and give me a good sleeping baby…

The stroller choice is a mine field, with strollers costing $1500, down to car seat frames that are $69, I don’t plan on buying a double stroller for Florence, she is a good walker, but occasionally she gets very tired, so I think the car seat frames won’t work for me, although they are light and easy manoeuvre, I want a stroller that will work for a baby and a two year old, my plan is to baby wear if Florence gets tired so that she can sleep in the stroller if needed, this does not happen very often as she is very independent and loves to walk everywhere, so hopefully this plan should work well! The next type of stroller is the travel system, the car seat clicks onto the stroller, this is what I had for Florence, I loved it as I didn’t have to wake her if she was sleeping in the car, especially as she got older, but the one downside was the weight of the stroller lifting it in and out the car, it was very heavy and to be honest I very rarely used the stroller until she was about a year, also the stroller only faced forward, which is fine for an older baby but I like to have my baby facing me when they are tiny!

I have spent many hours researching my stroller this time and I have finally come up with the perfect stroller for my needs, I love the Contour Bliss stroller, the frame looks stable with big back wheels and easy to manoeuvre front wheels, the actual seat easily converts to a bassinet so that your baby can lay down flat whilst you are out and about, the seat accommodates a newborn baby up-to a 40lbs toddler, it easily forward faces then turns to rear face, it has a big basket for storage! It is also a travel system, the whole seat/bassinet is easily removed so that the car seat adaptor can be fitted, it is a universal adaptor and allows branded seats to sit securely just onto the frame! The one downside is that it is quite bulky when folded down but thankfully we planned for this when we bought our minivan, so hopefully this will work well!

Yesterday I went out just window shopping, planning what stroller and car seat to buy, but being that time of the year when after Christmas Sales are winding down, extra discounts have been applied to clearance items, bargains were abundant…. First on my list was a brand new key fit 30 car seat by Chicco, usually $199 but yesterday I purchased it for $60. Next on my list was looking at strollers, looking at weight, ease of use, practicality, again more reductions so a $399 stroller with 20% off coupon makes the Contour Bliss a perfect choice!

With only 9 weeks to go, I was not planning on actually buying these items quite so soon but sometimes we just have to snap up a bargain when we see one… So this little boy tucked up tightly inside me has most things he needs to come home to now!