Re-kindled love affair with Ikea

I am in love with Ikea… It’s been about 4 years since I have stepped into an Ikea store, well that is until last Friday… And now I am in love! Some things were still the same, very traditional Swedish furniture but now they have added lots more… lots more of everything, things that I LOVE… plates, mugs, pots, pans, FABRIC, frames, cushions, lamps, and did I mention Fabric… Lots and lots of things to buy! So with the total reorganization of my first floor of my house I definitely have another trip to Ikea in mind, very soon!

We have nearly lived in this house for 4 years… I know, wow where did those years go to? As many of you know we would love to move, but with the economy, and jobs at threat at Paul’s company, the sensible thing is to stay a little while longer, so with that in mind I have set about making the space work for us as a family… First job of the day was to find Paul a more quiet spot to work from home in… Our formal dining room has become a dumping ground recently for all things that need sorting out and I can honestly say in the nearly 4 years we have lived here we have never once sat down and eaten a meal in that room, so of course this was the logical place to create a study for Paul to work from home in… This is where Ikea comes into play, I want to masculine up this room with a black a white throw for the leather couch that is now in there, add a black rug and make some black a white check curtains and of course Ikea has the perfect budget friendly items to allow me to create a perfect work space for Paul and finally this dumping ground will be a well used room!

Next on my list was to change around our kitchen/family room, the oversized kitchen table was always cramped into the bay window in the kitchen, and no one really sat at it, so I decided to place it at the other end of the room in front of the fire place, as a dining area, we now have a central area to sit and eat in with space around the table to sit on all the chairs! The kitchen is our favorite room of the house… Most of our family discussions, decisions and late night talks take place around the kitchen island so I decided to create a ‘Friends’ coffee shop feel to the kitchen area by placing my shabby new/old couch into the bay area along with my leather chair and a coffee table, we now have an area where we can all chat whilst cooking and cleaning, I just love it!

Now this new lay out may not work for some people, like Lewis, Jord and Faz for example, all they have done is moan about it, but for me, I think it is a good use of space in our house that we did not use properly… Mabel sits at the table now to eat, watch tv (something I always moaned about before) and do her homework, we sat in the kitchen late last night and drunk our wine in pure comfort and Paul will hopefully have his own sanction to work in by Friday… Well that’s if I finish getting it organized by then… Next stop Ikea, fabric shopping… Yay, one of my favorite things to

On a side note, I think I have been watching way too much HGTV recently, House Hunters, The Property Brothers, Love it or List it, the list is endless, so I apologize now for this blog sounding like a commentator from a House renovation show!