Obsessed with magazines on my iPad

I am love, love, loving my new iPad… Each day I love it more… I will start by telling you about how much i am in love with the camera and video, I used to think that I would never hold up my iPad to take a photo or video, that would look so silly I thought, but guess what, if I look silly, well so be it… I just love the size of the screen for shooting images and the lens is the equivalent to my Nikon according to Paul, so the quality is outstanding in my opinion!

Now don’t get me started on my obsession for the newsstand, I know I had this on my old iPad, but wow the quality of browsing the magazines is incredible with this new screen… My love of the magazines is turning into a full blown obsession, one my wallet cannot afford as I really do not need another subscription to another magazine… But hey it is so easy! My favorite magazine, Country Living is available in both the UK and US version, but why is the UK version so much more expensive, it’s a digital image, there is no material costs or shipping involved, it just makes no sense to me. My new favorite magazine is again a British one, Mollie Makes, for all of you crafting addicts out there like myself, this is indeed a treasure of crafting pleasures all in my favorite Cath Kidston style, but at $6.99 an edition I will only be buying the ones I truly love! All I really need now is the Jamie Oliver and Cath Kidston magazines on here and really there is nothing left for me to miss from back home, family and friends excluded, I mean materially minded!

This last few weeks have been tough Paul’s Dad has been seriously ill in hospital, he was rushed in with pneumonia a couple of weeks ago, he was then sedated for one week and given oxygen to help him breathe and intravenous drugs to help him heal, it was an extremely tough time for Paul, one I think that is difficult to understand unless you live miles away from home… With the flights being so expensive at the moment with the Jubilee and Olympics a major attraction for the UK it was difficult to decide whether to fly back or not, the worst thing about living so far away when something like this happens is that you are so reliant on other people for information and then knowing what to do when you get that information, should I go back or just wait? This week has seen a great improvement thankfully for his Dad, he is now awake, they are still helping him breathe but everyday seems to see more improvement!

I have also been in a lot of pain over the last week, the day after my mum flew home, just typical really I developed a pain in my left side, I finally had a CT scan yesterday, which showed an ovarian cyst, so now I just need to follow up with another doctors visit… All in all things could have been far worse, so I am more than thankful for everything the way it is!


On to a happier note… My bread machine is back into full time use… In fact it has been working overtime recently trying out new recipes… One of the new things I have made this week is tortilla wraps, very easy and extremely delicious… Be warned though rolling them out thinly is an art, with no yeast in them to give them elasticity it s a lot of elbow grease to get them nice and thin, it is well worth the effort though, I added some wholemeal flour for more fibre and used oil instead of lard to make them more figure friendly, I now know what we are eating is healthy for us!

Until the next post… Stay happy and healthy!