Writers block…

In the last few weeks I have lacked motivation in most things, this has led to writers block… So apologies for my lack of posts!

Back to school is definitely here, our morning routine is so easy this year, on Mondays and Tuesdays Blu and Mabel have school lunch so I just wake them, they get ready and go out to the end of the drive to wait for the bus, the rest of the week it’s home lunch, which I have been determined to have ready the night before so they can grab it themselves from the fridge in the mornings, again they get ready and are out waiting for the bus by 7.15am… The best thing this year, they are both on the same bus and I can sit in bed with my coffee and watch them wait and get on the bus from the comfort of my warm duvet…yay!

I love the fall weather over here, I am still in my summer clothes and flip flops but it is cooler with no humidity, so perfect… Now if I wasn’t thinking cold winter thoughts I would love it even more, but the way this year is flying by, winter will be here before we know it!

It’s been a week of mixed emotions for me, Tuesday saw my oldest child become 26… When did Dom become that old, I’m really not old enough to have a child nearer to 30 than 20! Also a close friend of mine has moved to Colorado, I am so happy for her to start the next adventure of her life and be nearer her son in his freshman year of college, but I am very sad we will not be so close for coffee, lunch and fun!

Tomorrow will be the last Birthday of 2012 in our house… Lewis is going to be 24, he wants to spend his birthday in the local brew pub watching football, drinking beer and eating half price wings… Easy for me, I just have to organize the cake!

It’s soccer Sunday here and now in our house, I’m going to put a fall pumpkin chili into the crock pot for when we get home, make some bagels for lunch and get ready for an afternoon of watching my two favorite soccer stars on the field… Have a fun Sunday, I know I will!